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Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

Every so often I go on a little excursion to different part of the UK I have never been to, or not visited in a while. This time I decided I would head north to Scotland, as I had never ever been to Scotland prior to my train ride to Glasgow. It was a great opportunity to do some landscape photography and take some interesting photographs around this great city. What I am putting together, is my little photography journal from ‘Snapping My Way Around Glasgow‘, for the first week of the Easter Holidays.

Now, if like me, you tend to do things very last minute, there my Check list I wish I had followed before I left for Scotland: Glasgow subway card (so I can rest my feet and not have to walk everywhere), 1 X External USB Hard drive (HDD) for transfer my photographs from the computer, spare USB pen drives just incase the USB HDD breaks down (You never know if or when the Hard Drive may fail, but sometimes they do).

850_7821 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

University of Glasgow Arches. The University of Glasgow can be seen from miles around. Mostly because it can be seen from a long way off and sits upon a large hillside. Just passed the main entrance are these arches. I really love to do long exposures and this was my chance to do a long exposure photograph. The light was not as forgiving as it is in the photograph above, so did have to alter the exposure just a little bit post editing.

 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

Now, when this it the view I was greeted with when I had finished taking photographs of the arches. I had to act quickly as the rain was dying down and the rainbow was quickly disappearing.

Glasgow Green

850_8029 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

McLennan Arch, is located just outside the current law courts in Glasgow. McLennan’s Arch has an infamous past. If you were unlucky to be sentenced to death, you find your self hanging from the Gallows which would hanging from McLennan Arch. The Arch looks directly towards Nelson’s Monument. For what ever reason, those sentenced would be made to face Nelson’s Monument… Now, it is the gate way to the beautiful Glasgow Green Park and open green grass.

 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

Nelson’s monument. In 1806, the year after Admiral Horatio Nelson’s death, a 43.5 metre tall monument was erected in the Green. The first civic monument in Britain to commemorate Nelson’s victories. The monument predates Nelson’s Pillar (Dublin, Ireland) by two years and also Nelson’s column in London by 30 years.

Doulton Fountain, boasts of being the world’s largest terracotta fountain. Upon the top is a statue of Queen Victoria. On each side of the fountain there are more statues with someone who represents natives from all four corners of the British Empire; Australia, India, Canada and South Africa.

 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

I know I have done separate photos of each side of the fountain. This time, put of the photographs in to a 2×2 collage.

850_8209 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

Directly in front of the Doulton Fountain is the People Palace. The People’s Palace is a building and is home to a collection of objects, photographs, prints and film which give a unique view into how Glaswegians lived, worked and played in years gone by to the present day.

 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

…Not the  most glamorous photo, but looking through a street bin. The aged, stained and weathered fibre glass cover looks like is weathered the last 20-30 years.

A Walk On The Clyde

…There are two things which give you an most perfect reflection, that is water or large bodies of waters like lakes or rivers. I was walking down towards the river Clyde and I was looking for what is nicknamed the Armadillo. The Hydro SSE area sits very close the Armadillo and made this composition even better. At the right time of day, probably as dusk is setting in. The lights from the Hydro SSE Arena make fantastic shine on the water and

 | Snapping My Way Around Glasgow

Not long after I took this photograph, there was a young boy who was riding his little scouter. He insisted on wearing his Storm trooper helmet. He wouldn’t go anywhere without it. This bridge provides families a way to cross the Clyde in to the centre of town and back out again.

A Walk Between Two Football Grounds

…There is member of the family who just loves Football. When I said I was heading up to Scotland, he asked me to get him a football shirt or two. Erm…. The prices for Football shirts are NOT cheap, so I decided to get photographs of both Celtic Football Club. It was a bit of hike on foot, but I did get the photographs for him instead.

The main rivals to Celtic. Rangers football club at the other end of the city. I had a bit more time to walk around the grounds and get more photos. My brother in-law will be impressed, I think.

As Rangers is just south of the Clyde, I was able to walk back up to the BBC Scotland studios. Time to get the tripod out and do some more long exposures.

A Evening On the Town

Part of my last night in Scotland. I headed back into the City to get some long exposures just as the light was beginning to drop. On one of the statues, someone had managed to get a traffic cone on its head. I thought it was quite funny. As for the main City Chambers. The Sky was that colour, in between the rain and the clouds breaking, the camera merged all the colours to make the sky appear really dark blue. I wasn’t complaining, it saved me having to do a tonne of editing.

Fair grounds can be an interesting place for photographs and long exposures. There were a few people milling around, even a few people who couldn’t speak a word of English when politely asked if they would just stand to one side so I could take my shot. In the end, I had to wait and I got these two. The second was the last ride of the day and was slowing down. Really love the colours swinging back and forth. I did have to end to bring down the exposure, but in the end. These photographs proved to be very exciting to see off camera.

All in all, this was a brilliant week away for me to do some more photographs and get what I needed for my Instagram feed. I need to approach a few magazines and see if they will buy some of my photographs. They really look AMAZING!

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  1. Fabulous photos! Coincidentally my younger sister has been in Glasgow this weekend! I have never been myself but it looks amazing in your photographs x

  2. Glasgow seems like it is full with culture & history! These are the things I look for when going to a city to undercover its gems! I have always heard about Glasgow’s beauty!

    Nazrin Miah

  3. This this is my first time stopping by your blog, your photos are stunning! I love Scotland, it’s so beautiful. Haven’t been since I was a child and don’t think I’ve ever been to Glasgow. Your photos and description make it sound like such an interesting city, of love to go sometime

  4. So many great photos there! I’ve never been to Glasgow and your photos really make me want to try harder with city / landscape photography. The photo of the arches in particular is stunning.

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